How To Build a Chopper

How To Build a Chopper

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How To Build a Chopper, from bare metal to finished motorcycle by Tim Remus

144 pages

Choppers are back.

This new book from Tim Remus and Wolfgang Publications helps builders choose the right stretched frame, aftermarket V-twin engine and radical chassis components.

Interviews with long-time builders like Donnie Smith help put the chopper in perspective and give sound advice to new builders.

Three start-to-finish photo sequences document and explain the assembly of a chopper in the shop of Arlen Ness, Donnie Smith and American Thunder. Eleven chapters cover History, Frames, Engines, Suspension, Sheet metal, Wiring, Wheels, Tires and Drivetrain choices.

With 144 pages and over 250 photos (over 50% in color) this book contains the information needed to choose and assemble your own very unique chopper.

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