Burnout #41

Burnout #41

Modellnummer: Kulture
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Burnout #41
45 pages, full color, digest-sized.

***From JAPAN in both Japanese & English.

Burnout is a mag with a pretty dedicated following, but it's not for your scenester. If you're seriously engrossed in hot rods, kustoms, art, and just plain cool, then Burnout is the place. Featuring bi-lingual text (that's both English and Japanese for you hillbillies out there) and HEAPS of pics, we wouldn't go without it!
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- We Got 10th Anniversary!
- Santa Maria Cruisin' Nationals 2009
- Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2009
- Custom Parts & Wear Open House
- Europe Tour
- Ace High Only One Wildman
- For Ever Classics BBQ Party
- Pathetic Coast Highway
- What Happen' !?

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