Burnout #39

Burnout #39

Modellnummer: kulture
Tillgänglighet: 3

Latest Burnout available now.
"This issue cover art by JJ. He living in Yamanashi.
His works look like a Robert Williams touch.
You can see some pictures in one art work.
Also you can see some story from that art.
Of course we have a bunch of KOOL articles too.
Enjoy your favorite BURNOUT!!" -NASH

Burnout #39
45 pages, full color, digest-sized.
Cover by JJ
***From JAPAN in both Japanese & English.

- Grand National Roadster Show
- Yokohama Hotrod Custom Show 2008
- Mooneyes X-Mas Party 2008
- Rip The Ripper Art Show
- Kustom Kulture City
- Kustom Kulture Now - Chapter 6
- Trunk Show Deluxe 2008
- The New Year's Nuisance
- Go Go Nash!!
- What Happen' !?

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