Stabilo White

Stabilo White

Tillverkare: Stabilo
Modellnummer: Pattern maki
Tillgänglighet: Ej i lager

Stabilo White

These Stabilo Pencils is great for making guide lines for pinstripe, Sign or art work designs on almost any surface. once the paint is dry the Stabilo lines can be removed with a wet rag.


1. Stabilo Pencils are made from a soft marking compound and should not scratch painted surfaces, although I do recommend testing first and drawing with light pressure if you are painting on a soft surface. A fully cured 2 component automotive finish, i.e. clear coated surface is ideal.

2. Use your Stabilo pencil to write "WET PAINT" next to newly painted pinstripe or lettering at a car show.

3. Although Stabilo lines can be painted over just fine, don't over do it. Keep your guide lines simple and sketch with light lines rather then drawing heavy. This way the paint will stick better over the years.


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