Pro Airbrush Techniques

Pro Airbrush Techniques

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Pro Airbrush Techniques Written by well-known Airbrush artist Vince Goodeve, this book uses 144 pages and over 500 color images to explain a lifetime's worth of learning. Follow Vince through multiple photo sequences that explain his choice of color, sense of design and preference for tools and materials. Early chapters explain shop set up and preparations of the metal canvas. Later chapters walk the reader through Vince's airbrush work with both motorcycles and cars. Projects include simple graphics as well as complex and intricate designs. Accustomed to teaching, Vince uses a style that is easy to follow and understand. His enthusiasm for the airbrush comes through, making the text easy to follow. Vince Goodeve has something to say to all airbrush artists - whether beginner or advanced. Printed in 100% color, 144 pages

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