Advanced Custom Painting

Advanced Custom Painting

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When it comes to custom painting, there is one name better known than all the others, and that name is Jon Kosmoski. With this book Jon uses over 350 color photos to illustrate his explanations of panel preparation, gun control, kandy application, use of color-change materials, new metallic basecoats, and how to design and tapeout multi-level layouts. Whether the project in your shop rides on two wheels or four, whether you're trying to do a simple kandy job or complex graphics, this how-to book from Jon Kosmoski is sure to answer your questions. Chapters one through three cover Shop Equipment, Gun Control and Paint Materials. Chapters four through seven get to the heart of the matter with complete start-to-finish painting sequences. Follow along as Jon does a kandy paint job on a Mustang, a panel design on a Camaro, a double set of flames on a Dyna, and a super-bright layout on a Sportster. ? Set up a spray gun ? Choose the right tools ? Get the panels truly flat ? Spray Kandies and Pearls ? Use Color-change Pigments ? Lay Out Graphics and Flames ? Shop set up ? Use of new paint materials ? 4 start-to-finish sequences Printed in color, 144 pages

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