Skratch - The Loving Heart

Skratch - The Loving Heart

Tillverkare: Artists D.I.Y.
Modellnummer: art print
Tillgänglighet: 2
Skratch is maybe most famous for his stunning artwork within the pinstriping community, but he also makes paintings - which we can now offer as limited edition prints of 50 handsigned and handnumbered by Skratch himself.

Some of them are made to fit with each other and some stand by themselves.
Measures: 27,5 x 22cm

Commentaries by the artist:

Skratch - The Loving Heart:
The truth be told... there's only two things to be said about a realtionship ...your either a liar or in love.

This is a two-part painting that goes with the one below (sold separately).

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