Speed Dry Clear-Gloss

Speed Dry Clear-Gloss

Tillverkare: 1 shot
Modellnummer: Clearcoat
Tillgänglighet: 2

4005 1 Shot Speed Dry Clear-Gloss 1 Quart (946.35 mL) Fast drying and crystal clear, 1 Shot Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear is a multipurpose solvent based acrylic clear that provides excellent UV protection. Ideal as a protective topcoat on thermal and solvent based prints, 1 Shot 4005 is also an excellent solution for preventing delamination and moisture migration on multi-layered films, such as reflective and metalized polyesters, and is in fact required as an edge sealer for warranty coverage when using SignGold genuine 22 karat gold films. It is always advisable to test this, and all paint products on a scrap "test panel" when using. LIMITATIONS: Lifting or wrinkiling should not occur when used as a topcoat over other 1 Shot enamels, after a minimum of 24 hours drying time; however, we suggest waiting 72 hours when possible, or adding 1 Shot 4007 Hardener to your paint project, in anticipation of topcoating. APPLICATION: Brush, Foam or Spray. MIXING: Stir thoroughly. Strain prior to spray application. DRYING: Normally dust-free in 30 to 60 minutes, although longer times in high-humidity environments are not unusual. Recoat in two hours. CLEANUP: Clean application equipment with 1 Shot Brush Conditioner and Cleaner. SAFETY: This, and all 1 Shot and Chromatic products, are intended for professional use. It is not intended to be used in or around residential households. See Warning and Caution statements on label. For health and safety considerations, consult the current Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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