Detail prep tool #150-small

Detail prep tool #150-small

Tillverkare: Mack Brush
Modellnummer: detailing
Tillgänglighet: 1

Detail prep tool


The Detail Prep tool is a fiber burnishing brush used for removing rust and preparing a surface for a long lasting paint application. The glass fibers are very fine, but they are stronger than steel.

* Cleans away wax, road film & rust.

* Cleans & prepares an area for soldering. Cleans electrical connections, contacts, cable ends and tools.

* Cleans & prepares any Metal surface for painting, gluing & any other type of restoration.


If you have ever had trouble with paint chipping or flaking off after masking off and painting graphics, this tool will be a big help. You can scuff up the paint surface right up to the masking tape. No shiny surface will show. You get a much sharper edge and paint adherence.

* Cleans rivets and screws


Excellent For Spot Sanding and Paint Chip Repairs. It Will Become A Pinstriper & Touch-Up Man's Best Friend!

It is a very difficult for sandpaper to make direct contact with every little crack and crevice. It usually just does a superficial cleaning job.

The Detail Prep tool gets into the smallest areas to completely clean the designated area. If you want to give this tool the ultimate test - clean a penny!

Caution: Glass fiber filaments can break during application. Keep the Detail Prep Tool away form your face, exposed skin and open cuts and sores. Always use protective gloves and eye wear when using this product.

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