7SC Arts & Crafts Knife, Hobby Knife with Blade

7SC Arts & Crafts Knife, Hobby Knife with Blade

Tillverkare: Grifhold
Modellnummer: stencil cutt
Tillgänglighet: 1

7SC Arts & Crafts Knife, Hobby Knife with Blade

The Grifhold Polished aluminum hobby knife is 5/16" in diameter and 4 5/8" long. This hobby knife features our Grifhold original 4 jaw chuck for superior holding power. This craft knife includes one 7-E blade and a plastic safety cap for your protection. Recommended for all lightweight materials including plastic, wood, balsa, film and cloth. These hobby knives are must have items for "Do it yourself" and "Arts & Crafts" users. These hobby blades are the ideal tools for: Contractors, Scrap-booking enthusiasts, Artists, Hobby buffs and Research specialists

* This handle is compatible with all 7 series hobby blades, and all blades that fit in the industry standard # 1 knives.

* Polished Aluminum Handle for greater control and non slip

* 4 Jaw chuck for secure blade positioning ยท

* Includes one # 7-E blade & safety cap

* Compare to X-acto # 1 knife.

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